Club Music

Our music can be termed, for the most part, old-timey or foundation.  Composers are often noted as "traditional" or "anonymous".  Most of our music is taken primarily from the public domain.  Sources of our music are wide ranging, from ballads traceable to Scotland, Ireland, England and Appalachia to the folk songs that have been an integral part of the history of the United States.
Our written sheet music is called Tablature - or Tab for short.  Tab can look alot like regular sheet music, but with only a treble clef.  Like regular sheet music, it always includes a time signature, bars to denote measures and an indication of note size (i.e., quarter-note, eighth-note, etc.).   Tab formats vary depending on it's source (i.e., who compiled it and how it was generated).  The sources of our Tab are varied and include the following: 
NOTE:  Unless otherwise indicated, all tunes listed below are in the key of D and most Tab for these tunes is written for a D-Mixolydian (1588 or Dadd) tuning.  Some Tab is written in both D-Mixolyian and D-Ionian (1555 or Daaa) tunings.  As a general "rule", Club activities utilize D-Mixolydian Tab.

Listed below are site links to the Tab of the tunes that have been played at our past Club meetings: 

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